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How important is knowing of the content in the website?

Custom Web DesignThe Google spider is basically a that the web for pages and content to index.Google has developed a complex algorithm for indexing the findings of the spider, so that search results can be accurate in light of the search terms used to instantiate an online search.The variables used as input for Google’s algorithm are thethat can be leveraged to improve The most easily controlled factors to enhanceare the elements within the pages of a website that the Google spider looks at with the view Web Development   of rank placement.Since a query is based upon keywords, it follows that the presence of these within a site’s content will increase the chance of it being returned within the list of search results.

Understanding a business’sand the keywords that are used to search for products or services offered by the business, will influence the use of keywords within the site.It is important to understand thattechniques, such as the will more than likely have already have been used by the competitor sites of almost any business online.It is therefore a favoured practice to approach the selection of keywords with a somewhat narrowed or specific comprehension of a business’s target market.

For example, a catering business that operates only within a particular area, would benefit more from the use of keywords that not only described its services, or nature of business, but also specified the area in which it operated, such as “Sydney Coast Caterers”.

The chance of attaining a high page rank against the multitude of catering businesses already vying for a top Google index is less than the chance of a attaining a good listing for results when web users search for a caterer in their area.Focusing on just one set of keywords is not the best approach when optimising keywords for a website.